phpStorm and component-based projects

For phpDocumentor I sometimes need to edit both a template and the main project in tandem to fix an issue. A sub-optimal solution as it is a clear sign of code coupling yet sometimes your template just relies on a bugfix or new feature in the host application. Previously I always opened 2 phpStorm windows [...]

DocBlox is unmasked … it is really phpDocumentor 2!

Announcing phpDocumentor 2 – the merging of the old (phpDocumentor) and the new (DocBlox). With the first alpha release of phpDocumentor (2.0.0a1), the new “Responsive” default template sports a new page layout, along with the useful layout improvements that the original DocBlox templates provided (which remain available) over the old phpDocumentor templates (which will retire [...]

Introducing: DocBlox

Ever since I discovered phpDocumentor I have been fascinated by the idea of automatic Documentation Generation. Especially for large projects where an in-depth understanding of the code is a requirement. Unfortunately, the more I got to work with phpDocumentor the more issues surfaced with its performance, ease of use and above all: memory usage. Over [...]