PHPWomen Article contest has closed

The PHPWomen contest has closed. As I had said earlier I have also participated in the contest. I restrained from posting the articles on my blog because it feels unfair to the community at PHPWomen. In hindsight it would have been convenient if I posted a new blog item whenever I posted a new article. [...]

phpWomen contest close to an end

Tomorrow will be the last day to participate in the phpWomen contest at For those of you who do not know, phpWomen is a great initiative to bind the girls of the trade together in a sort of community or usergroup. It has received quite a bit of attention lately and in my opinion [...]

Errorhandling in PHP, now with Fatal Errors included

Every once in a while you stumble upon a topic that you thought would have been completely covered. This I thought as well about PHP Errorhandling. Although resources are abundant about the topic, most of them cover Error handling without handling the Fatal Errors or with hacks for a solution. This last problem can easily [...]

Dutch PHP Business Seminar == excellent

I like to learn, it might seem odd for some people but I just like it. There is never enough time to learn everything but attending a Seminar is surely one way to increase your learning efficiency. And so I did attend the Dutch PHP Business Seminar for the first time. It was offered by [...]