SSH Tunneling across multiple hosts in Linux

Sometimes you need to communicate with a server (or other device) that is not directly accessible from your own computer. If you can reach this server via another server this is not an issue and can be solved by setting up a SSH Tunnel across your network. An example Let’s start with a example: Computer [...]

Human readable memory usage in Linux per process

I like to tune my VPS to use as little memory as possible. Not because I really want to; but because I just don’t have the money to spend on a 2+ GB RAM VPS and I would like to run Jira. In order to do this I keep a close eye on the processes [...]

Installing Lotus Notes 8.5 on Kubuntu / Debian Linux KDE

I have recently switched from employer in search of new opportunities, a new challenge and more tech-savy colleagues. After just 2 days I can say that I have found at least the latter two. Although I never expected to find a challenge in the mail system used, namely IBM Lotus Notes. After leaving my previous [...]