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14 Responses to “Introducing: DocBlox”

Awesome! I’ve been very unsatisfied with the state of DGA’s in the PHP world. PHPDocumentor, Doxygen, etc have had major limitations. I look forward to testing Docblox with my hudson install.

Nice job, the community will suppot your project even more as soon as the project is integrated with phpundercontrol and jenkins

Thank you, it works great and really is blazingly fast. I was wondering, are there any more themes available? It would be awesome to have a php.net like theme or something, the now available themes are a bit unclear.

Keep up the good work!

@seth: I have not had the chance to test it with Hudson; though the basic command line arguments are equal to phpDocumentor. Please let me know how that fares!

@Dvdende: that would be a dream of mine; to have DocBlox available in phpUnderControl and Jenkins. Currently I am focusing my efforts on more features so that DocBlox will be fully compatible with phpDocumentor and the switch does not change anything for the user.

@Sjoerd: currently not. but the themes are XSLT transformations; thus if you’d like to create one you are free to do so ;) I plan to support other theming options as well in the future (twig?) but other items have priority currently.

Great job! Ever since 5.3 was released, PHP API documentation has had a real void.

I tried Docblox out on a project of mine, and it did a nice job. I know you said it’s a preview release, but here are a few suggestions:

  1. Not all of my class associations were linked correctly. I think it isn’t picking up my “use” statements in my classes. When you “use” something, you should be able to reference it in a docblock without having to give the full path. (e.g. “@param MyClass $c” vs “@param Namespace\Part2\MyClass $c”
  2. Support {@inheritdoc}
  3. The image that shows the class map didn’t pick up any of my class hierarchies except for my exception classes.
  4. When finished, I think Docblox would be a perfect use case for being distributed as a Phar file. I’d suggest making it easy to install by distributing it with Pyrus.

Default theme UI:

  1. Remove the Docblox logo from the default template. Instead use “Generate by Docblox” or some other equivalent text at the bottom of each documented page.
  2. Use a two column layout instead of a three column layout.
  3. Use a standard tree view. There doesn’t need to be a brief description of each class in the hierarchy. Maybe you could should that on hover with a title attribute?
  4. Don’t center the search box. Left align.

@Dvdende: I don’t think you integrate Docblox with a CI server, you integrate Docblox with a build system like Phing and then run phing tasks from within your CI server. You could do that right now by just executing the script using the exec Phing task: http://phing.info/docs/guide/current/chapters/appendixes/AppendixB-CoreTasks.html#ExecTask

@Michael Great feedback! I really appreciate the comments that you have made. Allow me to elaborate on them:

  1. The T_USE token is currently not supported by DocBlox; it is on the roadmap for inclusion but it poses some challenges as I need to process it after indexing all classes (since a class coming from a T_USE could exist in multiple namespaces. It will be included, do not worry.
  2. Inline tags are also still unsupported; I am currently using a component from Zend Framework to parse the docblocks and it does not recognize these. I am planning on building this support (and fixing some minor annoyances at the same time).
  3. I’ll look into it; thank you.
  4. I am researching what is necessary for it to be easily installable; whether that be P