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6 Responses to “Using Symfony’s Lime in phpUnderControl”

Lime 2 is (mostly) independent of symfony. This means that you will be able to use it with versions < 1.3. And I confirm, xUnit XML output is included.

This is actually great news! The integration with phpUnderControl will be so much better. I hope Lime 2 comes with html generated Code Coverage which can be used just as the PHPUnit one in phpuc.

hi mike, this is actually a very helpful post or it would be if you actually included the mentioned of the build.xml. :)

Apparently your wordpress rtf editor swallowed the XML for it.


Could you please re-enter this?

cheers /christian

ha! google cache actually found it: http://bit.ly/7wU6sL

hmm and your comment form killed it again..

<target name="unit-test-lime"> <exec executable="${basedir}/source/symfony" dir="${basedir}/source" output="${basedir}/build/lime/lime.log" logerror="on" failonerror="on"> <arg line="test-unit" /> </exec> </target>

Hello Christian,

This has unfortunately happened to me once before with this syntax highlighter. I will fix the code once more and prepare some attachments to prevent these kind of issues in the future.

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